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Welcome to Navenda Sailing

Sailing courses - ICC certification - Private lessons in your yacht - deliveries - Skipper for hire

If you want to try sailing for the first time, or if you want to refresh your knowledge before this year's season, we can help you.

Nothing is like the joy of standing at the helm a lovely summer day with perfect wind and waves. At the same time, it is not as pleasant worrying about coming back to a crowded and cramped summer harbor.

The last 10 seasons we have sailed with countless coming sailors who have all progressed and who now feel even safer both at sea and in port. If you want to join our courses, having lessons in your own boat, or you want to take the ICC certificate to be able to rent boats, we will help you getting well on the way.

We can also transport the boat for you or with you as well as assist with the purchase and review of the boat. Maybe a combined course where the holiday begins?

Get in touch with us now. Start planning your new life on board. Together we can create a course specifically adjusted to your needs!

mob: +47 90707600

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